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giffity gif

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Date : 11th October 2018

For the life of me, I don’t know how to slow the girls down, so I might need to head back to digital media. Please don’t look at them for too long.

But I think all of us had the same problems with our video GIFs, due to the way we exported them…? Fun nonetheless.


Unit 5 & Unit 6: the expanded designer, dazzle & type design

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Date : 4th October 2018

Unit 5: the expanded designer —
to investigate how our practice will be and has been formed by sociopolitical developments over time.
How do we continue to adapt during the 21st century? How do our decisions impact the people and their cultural and ecological environment? What are the many different roles of the designer?

Unit 6: dazzle, resources & type design —
for unit 6 we’ll be exploring the art and structure of type design, possibly creating our own working typefaces (brief will be delivered tuesday 9th october). This will be done alongside the ‘dazzle’ project which is a project about visual disruption and how we receive information in the modern world. Working in pairs, we have to make something ‘disappear in plain sight’ in two weeks.

GIF Workshop —
We took refresher GIF workshops, and worked with moving image too. See GIF ^

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