Fish Fish Fish

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Date : 29th December 2018

An installation of up to 100 handmade porcelain fish as part of a ceiling light in Rhoscolyn. I must have lost at least 30 on the way. 0.8⌀ wire tied all the fish together around two separate wooden hoops, one of which was fixed to the ceiling. The wiring around the lower hoop wasn’t up to scratch but the tidier and less fixed type of the upper hoop don’t have much chance of moving after being fixed.

The whole process was a huge learning curve, with some fish being less polished than others. Hoping to experiment, change and adapt these to be more unique to my style in future.

dazzle final

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Date : 1st December 2018

Can I explain what happened here?

I’ve posted pictures before, but this project was supposed to be letterpressed and the photographs developed. ‘Printsagram’, as originally called, was a critical comment on the interaction of creatives on social media. It is an analogue instagram, where emojis are written instead of an image. It was funny, and as said before, a critical comment on the interaction between creatives on social media.

On the final day before the exhibition for Dazzle at the

Original ai file

Chelsea college, we were going to finish typesetting and mount the work on A2 MDF. That didn’t really happen, as there was a workshop happening in letterpress (as in, not open to general access). A last minute dash, we thought of screen printing the type. They were also busy, so we eventually had to make the captions on the computer and run it through the photocopier.

How about that MDF?! I’d been spending a lot of time in the wood workshop for another personal project, so I suggested trying to get the wood into the laser cutter. Miraculously, they managed to squeeze our design in. A2 board went in, everything was going well—until the machine crashed after only printing

final outcome

‘PRINTSTA’. All fine, just roll with it. So I then had to cut it down on the mini band saw (the university caught fire from the plant room in the wood workshop a couple days previously, so it’s lucky that the saw was on a separate extraction otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to use it), and eventually decide how we were now going to display it.

7 images, four with text, mounted on foam board and then onto the MDF. The lasered text was inked up with black arabic ink.

They kept slumping and falling down, so we had to re-stick them at the event.





more fish

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Date : 27th November 2018

just under 100 fish now, with hopefully at least 120 finished by the end of the week. Below are unpolished tails vs polished fish… the first ones I did hadn’t been cleaned up as diligently so I may need to make even more. But the end is in sight!

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